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13 May. 2002
Convergence and divergence in E&T systems
C&D in E&T
I'd like to talk to Tzako Pantaleev and Liliana about this theme. I think we can take some of the framework that we (Institute of Education, London) developed for a comparative analysis of trends in EU countries, and apply it the EU/accession countries. Transitions from education to work could be one fruitful theme. So could adult learning/training and HE be, but I'm not so experienced in researching these areas.

We would need to
1. Identify the field for investigation.
2. Develop a framework.
3. Decide how to gather data similar to the info we already have on EU countries in the anlaysis. Questionnaire to observatories? Use Phare or ETF information and evaluations?
4 Analyse and reach conclusions.

If one or more of us is committed to being in Sofia, andif other participants can provide contacts, this will help. But this paper will take some time to research and there is no way that a results paper could be ready in a month from now.

Published by: Tom Leney (Tom Leney)
factID: 110258.1; published on 13 May. 2002 14:58