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Logo_Eurone&t - 108737.1 "Towards the European Society:
Challenges for Education and Training Policies and Research
Arising from the European Integration and Enlargement"

Project Framework Paper
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Domain 1 - Modus Vivendi
Learning related policies in member states/regions between internationalised challenges and national systems (traditions, cultures, values and policies) from the perspective of member states and regions.
Domain leader: Bernd Baumgartl, navreme (Vienna)
Scientific Co-ordination:
BFER, Universit├Ąt Bremen
Dr Michael Kuhn
Doris Weidemann
Platform Administrator:
navreme knowledge development, Vienna
Dr Bernd Baumgartl
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Domain 2 - Modus Transitorius
Learning related policies and EU enlargement from the perspective of member states and candidate countries during transition to market economy in accession countries.
Domain leader: Olga Strietska-Ilina, NTF (Prague)
Project Partners:
24 research institutions from 19 European countries
Information and contact details for all partners are available by clicking on the rotating logos at the top right margin.

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Domain 3 - Modus Operandi
Learning related policies preparing for a larger and deeper EU from the European perspective: European policies and research.
Domain leader: Nick Boreham, University of Stirling

European Commission:
DG Research,
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